Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Spyware warning

Having finished the last post, I turned off Mozilla Firefox and then decided to turn it back on again. It stopped working and I had to restart the computer. Thinking this was just an odd blip, I repeated the process a couple of times without success and, one time, I got a report that SUPERAntiSpyware had stopped working.

Putting these two together, I noticed a new, world shaped icon in the bottom right hand corner of my lower Microsoft XP bar (near the time) - I don't know what the right name for this bar is. I restarted the computer and then scanned the computer with SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition. It found a Spyware called something like UniversalKnowledge, deleted it and, on restart, Firefox seems to be working fine.

I think I picked it up when going through websites for the last post - Yahoo UK search engine finds, so if something similar happens to your browser, this may be the problem. I have tried all the links in the post itself and the problem has not reoccurred. However, if you feel so full of wonder at all the fascinating information I gave and start searching the internet as a result, you may pick it up.

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Paddy said...

I use Firefox too, cheers.