Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New 'Recommended Sites' Additions

I aim in my recommended blog list to produce a widespread list of sites about Poland written in English. Every so often I come across new sites and add them to the list without mentioning them in the text here. Today, I looked at TEFL Secret Agent's "Blog's I Follow", which has a lot of fascinating sites that are not about Poland, but having got part way down I wandered off and collected many more I can recommend. I am going to reorganise the list at some time, If I can, to give separate themes.

Since I am about to write on spring really having arrived (maybe), an example of a photo blog I have added is City Toruń Daily Photo, which displays winter pictures at the moment. I did find some marvellous Polish language picture blogs, but which, with some reluctance I admit, I do not include. An example, includes photos of the International Ice Sculpture Festival in Poznan.

I also found a number of sites written by Americans who consider themselves Polish, which I thought might be an interesting addition. They were mostly too US oriented for my tastes, but Bieganski the Blog did have references back to the Motherland, so I was hesitating. There is, however, a post on "Yes, There Will Be a Quiz: Polish Quiz' that seemed promising, but then I looked through it. Danusha Goska thinks that the Polish view of the Tatras Mountains in the South of Poland is roughly equivalent to the US view of the Alps, which are not only not in the same country, but are on a completely different continent. Give the quiz a try, anyway. It's pretty good for a foreigner. See also her impression of visiting Poland in 1989. It is both harshly judgemental and completely sentimental at the same time.


Paddy said...

Interesting opening line: "I was covered with pus-filled sores. I had so much to do before leaving." Not quite sure I'd start the piece the same way!

Paddy said...

Although having finished the article by this sentimental American Pole, I am rather touched somehow.

Pan Steeva said...

Me too. (I say this as, in hindsight, I wonder whether my description of it as 'sentimental' might be seen as a negative quality. It was not intended so.)

Paddy said...

Well Americans can come across as very "gushy" and a bit insincere on first glance. I have to sense check some of what my American friends write, as I am sure they do when they read our cynical British-style writing.