Monday, 31 January 2011

Bouncing into Spring

I just saw the weather forecast on Polsat: spring, the weather rather than the season, is coming in the next few days. You heard it here first. Goodbye to winter sunrises.

It was a few days ago, but the sun just rose up above the edge of the world below the cloud cover, disappearing for the rest of the dull, cloudy day.

Twoja Pagoda has the first day with temperatures above freezing in Warsaw on Thursday, 3rd February, then lasting to 15th February, the last forecast day, although night time temperatures are only positive from the 13th.

Accuweather also starts above freezing weather from Thursday, but it gets freezing again from the 10th, with only two nights above freezing in the whole period.

It's not settled yet and the two forecasts can be expected to change (possibly even before you check the links, should you feel the inclination do so), but my earlier post's forecast of a couple of weeks (or so), dates spring to start around Friday, 4 February - not bad. Without any seaweed, either ... fingers crossed.

Thinking of Twoja Pagoda, it has a large selection of weather based photographs linked from the forecast page, including the best of 2010. Most of these 'best' had me thinking how good even my photographs are, but I did like the first one:

Then I looked at the general gallery, where this magic image came first:

Since we are shortly saying goodbye to winter, the 'Poland in the Snow' album may also be worth visiting in a month or so, to remind us of how marvellous winter was.

And, whilst I'm in an advertising mood, TVN Meteo, the TV weather station often has really good photographs as well (and often lots of duff ones, of course). Whilst a number of the girls, guys and indeterminates on my site list also have some wonderful stuff. A post by Micheal Dembinski immediately sprang to mind where this brillaint photograph is just the first.

I vaguely recall that Michael has a copyright notice for his photographs, so please do not copy it or even, as I have rather cheekily done, reproduce via link to it, unless you are clear about the law on promotion of the author by limited quotation. Please follow the link just above the picture to visit his site.

I rather like my "the law on promotion of the author by limited quotation". I've no idea what it really means, but I think there is something in the UK like this. (No idea about Poland, though.) Anyway, I'm hoping that Michael will like my praise - lick, lick.


Paddy said...

Good news!

Michael Dembinski said...

Delighted to see my pic here, Steve! Glad you like it. Looking at it again, wow! I was indeed a good one:)