Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spring Sale: Ray Shoes

I wrote about Winter Boots, but didn't know the name of the shop. Visiting Tesco on Sunday, I wanted to check: it turns out to be 'Ray'.

Having taken the picture, I noticed the sign saying everything was half price. I looked in and, sure enough, the new prices were in the process of being added to the boxes. If I had waited ..., but no, I wanted the boots when I bought them. Still, I bought a pair of black (leather top and inside) trainers, which I wanted as something that looked reasonably formal, whilst sill being suitable for casual wear. Price 44.50zl. The sale is on until 31 January.

I am not sure how big the Ray chain is: they are very weak in establishing an internet identity. They also seem to trade under the name Commex, linked to the name K Jasionowicz. I suspect they are based in Olsztyn, the same as Panda, whose shoes they sell.

The shop I visited is in the Tesco shopping centre in Piastów - part of my routine weekly shopping. I said it is in Pruszków last time, but it is just across the border. Although it is a tiny shopping centre, it also has the big name, Deichman and CCC shoe shops.

Apart from visits to Tesco, Piastów is just a place I pass through. It has an historically interesting name, but this was chosen by local people in 1926. Wikipedia tells me that it is the second most densely populated town in Poland. I do admire the extent to which Polish people have put information on English Wiki, but the language often betrays its origin: "In the Middle Age villages of Żdżary and Utrata lied in the place of todays Piastów".

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TEFL SecretAgent said...

Good shoes under 50pln, your a genius. Never heard of that chain though but I'll google it to find the nearest. It would even be worth travelling a little way for that price.

cheers for the heads up