Saturday, 22 January 2011

An Australian's in Town: Nadarzyn Brass Band

The conductor of a Tasmanian Brass Band is currently in Nadarzyn to arrange mutual visits between their band and Nadarzyn Fire Service's Brass Band, which I was told is the best in Poland. Time to find out more.

Founded in 1998, their main successes are: winner of the compulsory competition march programme during the 20th Polish Festival of Voluntary Fire Brigade Bands in Krynica Zdróy (June 2009); winner of the Regional Festival of Brass Bands in Warsaw-Ursus in 2008; winner of the Inter-Voivodeship Brass Band Festival in Suwałki in 2008; gold medal for Concert and silver medal for March in the International Festival of Brass Bands in Rastede in Germany in 2008; winner of the Voivodeship Festival of Brass Bands in 2007 and 2006. See their website gallery for pictures.

They perform in Poland both at marches:

And at concerts:

And abroad - New York and Singapore here:

Apart from the band there is a hammer and anvil player and Aneta's added touch of glamour.

International appearances include Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, China, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hungary, and Germany. (I thought I saw a reference to the UK, but I can't find it now.) The following picture come from an appearance at the 2010, 2nd Minden Tattoo, Germany. (The flags are part of the theatre backdrop.) See also Bild (images) 33 to 53 on their gallery.

They have now recorded three CDs. A break during recording below:

And they have appeared in a TV advert:

What, no Aneta? Maybe she appears somewhere in this alternative version.


TEFL SecretAgent said...

Does she appear in the 'harder' version? If so, where exactly?

Pan Steeva said...

I don't see why I should pander to your sexual fantasies - anyway, I prefer the solo picture of her. I don't know Aneta (Kwil is her surname), but, if you want a date, she seems to work in the Post Office in Tarczyn. She speaks English. See and

Tarczyn is on the Krakow Road from Warsaw, between Janki and Grójec. It's unmissable if you're driving (which I know you don't like), because its the only place where the road goes down into a deep valley, immediately climbing up the other side. Tarczyn being on the right if you're heading south. A factory with a wind turbine is immediately round the corner past the valley, so you will know if you've passed it.

Go on, it'll be an adventure. I'm sure that this is just for the camera.

Pity the poor guy playing the anvil. No one cares about him.

TEFL SecretAgent said...

I've sent a friend request to her on FB, lets see how it pans out ;)