Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Happy Birthday Misia

Misia was 13 yesterday.

Its not an ideal picture, but it was Monday evening, with just the four of us sharing a cake with candles. I think the proper celebration is arranged for Saturday. (I'm often not informed of such things in advance.)

The picture of her below is even less ideal, but it also contains part of Babcia . I am not sure how many months old Misia was at the time, but less than 1 year.

Here's Misia at four months.

I tried to get a proper picture of Babcia yesterday, but there is something about her face that routinely makes photographs so unflattering as to be virtually unrecognisable. I am sure she would prefer you to see her in Hel first - in the centre of the picture.


Paddy said...

Many congratulations. Paddy

Klaudia said...

you're right Steve. we're going to meet on Saturday:)see you.