Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Crooked Forest in Nowe Czarnowo

I don't know what time I will have to write today, so I am just going to quickly steal a picture and claim I am advertising.

One of the problems in deciding which places to visit in Poland is that there are so many beautiful ones. There has to be a special hook to latch on to make me decide to go.

I was reading Kasia's Polish Blog post on Gryfino and got that 'no need to go so far away to see such things' feeling when I saw this photograph of the Crooked Forest in Nowe Czarnowo. See Kasia's post for more info.

I'm starting to get a list of places I have to visit in the wild west. Świebodzin, of course, and most important.

Żagan, location of the Great Escape.

Zielona Góra, birthplace of Marcin Głuchowski - a private thing. Actually, I am not aware of anything particularly special that I want to see there, but I would be quite interested in seeing the hill on which it stands - less than 200 metres in height - to see if there is any justification at all in translating its name into 'Green Mountain' rather than 'Green Hill' or 'Green Heights'. (I just spelt 'green' wrong three times for some reason.)

And now Nowe Czarnowo, not that Polish Wikipedia is encouraging.


Gee Em said...

Hey Pan Steeva, I don't know if you are a huge wine drinker but I have been reliably informed that around Zielona Gora there is Polish Wineries. :) Might be worth a search, giving you a couple of things to do there. I hope to get out there this summer to check it out.

Tefl Secretagent said...

Nice heads up about the crooked forest, I'll be sure to add it to my never ending list of places to see in Poland!