Monday, 21 February 2011

February Farm Features

Whilst the ground was frozen back on 15 February, before the new snow fell, farm workers were busy in the fields. A corn harvester and several tractors went past the lane just behind the house. By the time I got out, a tractor pulling a load of hay was returning.

Knowing little about farming, I had been surprised in 2009, when the corn had been harvested in December. My city expectations gave harvest time much earlier, but I could see that it can be easier to work on frozen ground than wet soil around here. The corn was harvested earlier in 2010 - October or November. Hearing continuing engine sounds, I walked on further and found that the corn stalks were now being cut in a field a bit further on.

Another tractor was still there, ready to take away the bales of hay.

The next day, they started to remove a stack of corn stalk bales that I could see direct from the house. A lorry and bale loader arrived first.

Loading started.

A tractor arrived with a trailer for the bales,

Which waited while the lorry was loaded.

They all then left.

This process was repeated, taking several days. The pile was completely removed before the snow came.

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