Monday, 14 February 2011

Warsaw in the Spring of Youth

Its a beautiful sunny day, if still somewhat cold and I was thinking how to illustrate this. I came across pictures, from spring 2005, of a trip on the No. 8 tram heading west from Warsaw Centrum. The camera was a cheap single focus with a distorted fish eye effect as standard - the programme with it even had a de-distortion effect. This effect is magnified by the tram glass and movement.

Just past Warsaw Central Station, with the Golden Terraces shopping centre being built. Now finished, this side of the shopping centre is particularly ugly, so it looks better in the photograph than it does today.

More standard cityscape. There is now a 30 story 'city' block of flats to the right of this picture, which would also look better with a bit of distortion.

Heading into Wola.

Maybe this was intended to have a shape like a ship, but from whatever angle I have looked at it, it just doesn't work.

The church in which the Warsaw Uprising is commemorated.

Entering the residential estate areas.

Past cemeteries.

Time to get off the tram - near Hala Wola in Powstanców Śląskich.

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