Friday, 5 November 2010

When will it snow?

Paddy Ney commented on my last post "Does the snow really only begin mid-December? I seem to remember that in November 2008 it snowed (in Wroclaw) but my memory might be playing tricks."

Well, the weather has been on my mind recently, as evidenced by my last post. Having been digging for a couple of months, I cleared up my work area two days ago - moving about a ton of earth - and waited for the rain due yesterday. It came on time and flooded my excavations (water collection landscaping) as planned and, after pumping today, I find that it pretty much provides all the drainage I had hoped for. I am now ready for winter and, not only the snow, but the thaw as well. So, to celebrate, I will answer Paddy's question.

Last year (2009), the snow arrived on 14th October around 8:00 in the morning.

From 2009 10 Mlochow Autumn

It continued in varying amounts into the afternoon.

However, it started to thaw the next day.

Two days later, it had gone.

Mind you, when I was in Kielce (2002/3 winter, I think) the snow lay on the ground from November to April with just one week in February or March intervening. It's in the mountains (though not very high itself) and I didn't travel to Warsaw very much (coward as I am), so I don't know if it was the same on the plains.

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