Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Weather Reartrawl (or maybe postcast)

The weather has been marvellous for the past couple of months. Despite some morning frosts in September, the days have been warm, with only a very few drops of rain. The ground is as dry now as it has been for the last two years, only excepting a couple of very hot mid-summer weeks this year. Watering plants in the garden (chrystanths) in November seems bizarre. I have been getting on with doing the landscaping faster than I had believed possible, but digging has left me in pain. My old shoulder wound is constantly giving me the gyp. (The wound sounds better than arthritis - I'm too young, I say.)

What weather can we expect for the next couple of months? I thought I'd dredge up some pictures of last year - hence not a forecast, but a 'reartrawl' (changing 'fore' to 'rear' and 'cast' to 'trawl', as in dredging).

November 2009 was a combination of sunny and misty days, not too dissimilar to the last couple of months.

From 2009 2010 Mlochow Seasons

Cloudy days started in December, with snow arriving in the second half of the month.

It disappeared for Christmas, but returned to give us a light layer for New Year's Eve. This was snow on the 28th December.

I was going to paste even more individual pictures showing progress through the months, but I thought I'd try Picasa slideshow coding, as below. The pictures are all taken from roughly the same place looking from the building land behind our estate - the foreground - towards Młochów village - on the distance. Click on the black surround to get the play button, not the picture or the arrow lying on top of it.

The Picasa coding isn't that good and you may find yourself on the Picasa site with one of the pictures. If you then click on 'view all' at the top left of the picture and then 'slideshow', the images are much better there. Otherwise just return to this post.

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Paddy Ney said...

thanks Pan S, a taste of things to come! I keep getting asked "what's the weather like over there, frozen yet?" when in fact it's been almost sublime since I arrived - sunny days and reasonable temperatures. Does the snow really only begin mid-December? I seem to remember that in November 2008 it snowed (in Wroclaw) but my memory might be playing tricks. Look forward to more pictures from the past.