Thursday, 18 November 2010

British Prize for Krakow Schindler Museum?

More inspiration from, this time with an article saying the "Oskar Schindler Museum in Krakow has received an award from the British Guild of Travel Writers for ‘Best Overseas Tourism Project' ".

This sounded good news, so I went to the BGTW website to find out more. Unfortunately the information is not remotely helpful. Site search didn't have anything for 'Schindler' and nothing relevant or recent for 'Krakow', whilst the press release on the 2010 awards says:

Overseas Tourism Project category
Winner: Haida Heritage Centre, British Columbia, celebrating rare tribal culture. Runners-up: Bluff Cove Museum, Falklands, (a living museum about the pioneering life of the Islanders; Ocean Dreams Factory, Tenerife, which, uniquely, enables visitors over 12 to dive in tandem with an instructor.

I don't think would lie about something that is so easily checked, and they don't seem to be hallucinating druggies (regretfully as that might be sometimes), so I wonder what's going on. Does anybody know?

(I tried to add a comment on the page, but I gave up when it twice refused to accept my verification code.)

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