Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Blogger Get-together: Saturday

I can't imagine that anyone interested in attending on Saturday might be reading this and not the internationally recognised W-wa Jeziorki, I thought I'd just give a reminder. It's from 14:00 - late at Legends Bar, ul. Emilii Plater 25 and "all English-language bloggers, commentators and blog readers welcome". More at the top right of W-wa Jeziorki.

I hope to be there, but even at this late date, I am not sure: a last minute "are you coming?" is not unknown. What I do have planned for earlier in the day, however, is changing the cars to winter tyres. Freezing weather is expected next week, so, if you haven't already, get your tyres changed now.

I won't be one of the late crowd at the meeting. I might drive, but I don't think I could manage drinking coffee for hours. It would be great to have a beer or two, but my last bus leaves about 9:30 from Okęcie, on the south-western side of Warsaw. Even an exit from the centre at 9:00 could be a bit risky. Could I risk betting on the last bus, though? I'm actually very impressed by Warsaw public transport, but I lived in London a long time: I'm ingrained with the expectation that buses will be cancelled. My bus runs every two hours, so I guess I'd aim to leave before 7:00. Getting home before 9:00 should go down better with the family as well - they worry.

Its all very awkward living out in the sticks, but I'm pleased with the bus service - it influenced our choice of place to live. I don't normally want to use the bus and it's been during the day when I have, with less worry about timing. However, simply the possibility of using it is reassuring.

Hope to see you there anyway.


Michael Dembinski said...

It will be excellent to see you there, raise a glass and exchange serious talk about blogging!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting you, Steve!