Saturday, 19 March 2011

Polish Satellite TV - English Language Channels

What English language TV programmes will you be able to find if you're in Poland? Satellite TV's option of several languages provides a wide range of original language programmes, many of which are in English.

We have the N Satellite system. This is OK as far as I'm concerned, although it's lack of the standard broadcast channel, Polsat - with Poland's best TV comedy series, means that we have been thinking of changing.

It's general English language entertainment programmes, channel number and a rough guide to content, are:

11 - BBC HD - General entertainment
20 - MGM - Films
21 - FOX HD - TV Series
28 - Universal Channel - TV series
29 - TCM - Old (and sometimes Classic) films
31 - Sci Fi - Fantasy series and films
40 - BBC Knowledge - Documentaries
42 - Nat Geo Wild - Nature documentaries
43 - Animal Planet - Nature documentaries
47 - Discovery World - Documentaries
48 - Discovery Science - Populist technical documentaries
90 - Disney Channel - Teen series
91 - Nickelodeon - Children and youngsters series
92 - Baby TV - Infants
95 - Boomerang - Cartoons
97 - CBeebies - Infants

There are also foreign language channels - neither Polish nor English - with English content, most frequently on:
724 - Movie TV

Occasionally, I have also found English programmes amongst local programming on:
252 - Arirang World - Misc programmes, including local Soaps with English subtitles
256 - VTV4 - Soaps with English subtitles
671 - Al Rasheed - Films
721 - IFM - Films
732 - Ava Music - Films
746 - Sat 7 Arabic - Films

There are a number of channels that I haven't subscribed to, which also have multiple language options - whether English or not I don't know:
72 - BBC Lifestyle
73 - BBC Entertainment
74 - Investigation Discovery
100 - N Film HD
101 - N Film HD2
102 - HBO HD
103 - HBO2

TVP HD also has an original language option, although mainly transmits Polish programmes, whilst only one of the several English language originals I have checked has had undubbed English.

There are a plethora of International News stations broadcasting in English and some music channels.

I've no idea about Sports channels, since in my ideal world all sports would be shown on channels that I don't subscribe to (except when the Polish women's volley ball team is playing), but there are probably just enough options to bore anyone rigid - other than the most all-inclusive sports fan, of course. (I say this not only from my own position of prejudice, but also because, even in London, sports fans often complained that they can't find exactly the right sport, the right team or the right match that they want to watch.)


TEFL SecretAgent said...

Thanks for the heads-up. We don't have a satelite package at the moment but we are definitely thinking of one.

My only reservation is that I would probably only watch what I can already watch for free on Youtube.

something with premiership football would be an alcoholic godsend for me!

Martin said...

Comedy Central Channel or whatever it is called these days is the most annoying for always dubbing programmes. We have Aster, where we can choose the language if it is broadcast in both. The film channels we have don't seem to have a problem with it but Comedy Central plays lots of English-language American programmes but doesn't provide the opportunity to watch without Polish-language dubbing. The English is just about audible beneath.