Monday, 28 March 2011

It's Spring Again (and again, and again)

It's like they don't actually want spring to come. We've had spring weather, spring plants, the astrological/astronomical first day of spring and the clocks have turned back. I then heard that in Poland spring is traditionally here when the Boczan (Bochan - Cranes) arrive.

I thought I saw a couple flying across on Saturday, but I wasn't sure. Out with Mika, the dog this morning, however:

Not the greatest of pictures, but there were three together to the left feeding together in the field.

These flew off, leaving the two to the right, walking away from me as quickly, it seemed, as I was walking to them.

The first wild flowers - dandelions - are now in full bloom.

Still, there's one last hurdle to cross. It is also traditional, I am told, to go out at Easter and see if the willow are in bloom. Easter's late this year anyway, but they've been out for a few weeks now.

What will the weather presenters think of next?

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Silent Crawler said...

Bocian - stork. The crane is żuraw.

I think the spring doesn't want to come. It's like two steps forward and one step back. One day it's 18 deg. Celsius outside and 2 days later it's sub-zero. That's insane