Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March Weather, 2010

I can't remember what the temperatures were like last year, but the visual pattern was that snow had nearly cleared at the beginning of the month (3 March).

From 2009 2010 Mlochow Seasons
A light layer of new snow appeared on the 4th March,

Which slowly disappeared. (11 March shown here.)

This was followed by a heavier layer in the middle of the month, at its heaviest on the 15th.

Apart from a few spots, this remained just four days - the last snow of the winter. From a night thaw, it had virtually gone on 18th March - shown here on the 23rd.

The new season's green grass on the foreground uncultivated land becomes visible in the photographs from the 29th, spreading and becoming more visible by the 31st - below.

Click here to open a new tab with a slideshow of the changing weather from November 2009 to, currently, March 2010. It should eventually reach up to October 2010.


Pan Steeva said...

(As a personal reminder) To open a link in a new tab, web comments suggested I add target="_blank" after the new web page address in the pre-set link. However, from messing about, I got another set of quotation marks: target="”_blank”", which (also?) seemed to work.

Michael Dembinski said...

What happened to that chimney on the left between 29 and 31 March last year?

Decoy said...

@Michael - the angle of the final short moved a couple of degrees to the right, meaning that the chimney was dropped, as opposed to demolished or somehow 'disappeared'

Paddy said...

Could today be any more glorious? Polish weather is such a tease.

Pan Steeva said...

I was initially disappointed that I couldn't maintain a more consistent alignment. However, looking at the pictures now, I'm quite impressed at how well I did considering that I was standing in an open field, in a place where the dog-walking path bends slightly, trying to align various different objects to get the position right and then trying to point the camera at the same place. (Plus 2 cameras failed during the year - never buy a Canon.)