Friday, 4 March 2011

Frog Spawning Ground

I'm painting walls and ceilings at the moment, but I did get out a couple of days ago to enjoy the sunshine. I walked up the road to Żabieniec (Frog Spawning Ground), which is not so much a village as a few homes, thousands of square metres of distribution centre, other businesses and a derelict farm.

There are quite a few streams and artificial ponds around.

Much more of the snow has now gone, but 3 days ago, the ice lay well above the flowing water on the Cold Water Stream/River.

The water is crystal clear.

I came across a tree circle.

I had hoped to see some deer, but apart from trails crossing everywhere, I didn't see any animals.

The effect of direct sun on the snow compared with more shaded areas can be seen beside this winding stream.

Although the effect was uneven.

Is this a snowcap's nest?

NB This is not the Żabieniec near Piaseczno in Wikipedia.

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Paddy said...

Incredible how clear that water is.