Sunday, 5 December 2010

Weasal and Mouse, RIP

The constant coming and going of birds directly in front of the kitchen and dining room windows is a constant source of wonderment. A pair of blackbirds and large numbers of sparrows, rather than just one or two, have been new sights over the last week.

Yesterday, however, there was especial excitement, with the arrival of a weasel.

I have seen weasels quite a few times around the area, but they have been little more than shapes rushing across the open before diving into the undergrowth. Looking out of the window and seeing one standing there was completely unexpected. I just had time to get the camera and take a couple of immediate shots before it hid - hence the blurred pictures.

I'm pretty sure its a Least Weasel, as Wikipedia calls it, rather than a stoat, which is very rare, although a picture in the Wikipedia entry for that is similar to the first picture above. Although both of these entries say that they turn white in snowy areas, I gather that this generally follows about 40 days of snow.

Two days before, we had had a different visitor below the bird table.

A little field mouse dug a hole and was enjoying the bird food I had scattered on the ground.

How sweet? I must admit, however, they got into the house last winter and caused the normal commotion, so their arrival was not such a surprise.

It may no longer be with us, though. We saw the weasel a bit later yesterday with a mouse in his mouth. Maybe a different mouse, of course.

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Clarky said...

I saw one of these at Crematoria III at Birkenhau a few weeks ago, I thought it was a Least Weasal too.