Monday, 13 December 2010

Happy Days

Yesterday was a good day:
  • Instead of a minor thaw turning the ground and roads into ice fields, there was a full blown melt. Not sufficient to eliminate that much snow, but enough to feel that it isn't here for ever.
  • Looking at the forecast at AccuWeather, above freezing daytime temperatures were forecast from 21 December to Christmas Day (the last day on the 2 week forecast). A green Christmas would go down nicely, thank you.
  • TVP confirmed Accuweather's forecast, although expecting it to be colder. Since they seem to be especially pessimistic in their forecasts, it seems pretty convincing.
  • I found that I have CNBC on the television (via N Satellite transmission, channel 159). The morning broadcast from London used to be my equivalent of soap opera addiction, but I haven't seen it for over two years. Its absence was my only regret on the choice of system: I didn't care what was on otherwise.
Today is coming along nicely too:
  • I watched CNBC a bit this morning. Although some of the cast, the presentation and the detailed content have changed, I still got that soap opera feeling of immediate familiarity and ability to pick up the plot. I'll have to watch the addiction though.
  • Only a few centimetres of snow last night, easily cleared away. The weather still hasn't got bitterly cold, so no painful fingers or toes.
  • My Mum is in hospital in Swaffham, England. She has been in and out of hospital recently as a result of various infections, etc and when I spoke to her last Friday she felt pretty desperate about everything and didn't really want to talk. However, she sounded a million time better this morning. Not good, but just knowing that she feels a bit happier is welcome.
  • Accuweather now has above-freezing days from 16-26 December. I expect it to return to yesterday's forecast of a more limited warmer period, but it's still pretty good.
  • I read a report from "A new internet survey undertaken by ... 12 percent of respondents stated that the EU should replace the euro with the Polish zloty as the Bloc’s common currency."

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Paddy Ney said...

Funnily enough I was just walking home reflecting that the BBC weather site for Warsaw has been wrong every day since I got here, and how I really should start using accuweather, which everyone in Poland other European countries I know uses as well.