Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Christmas


I rang my mother on Christmas Day. I could hear her voice in the background from the hospital ward desk, so, just from that, I knew she was feeling much better. She was busy - I think on the ventilation machine, but when I rang back a short time later she chatted away non-stop about everything happening around her. After times when she has been too depressed even to talk, I could only describe her as being chirpy - just like a budgie. Sometimes you're down and sometimes you're up, but this time she was definitely up, up up.

Cheep Cheep

I wondered what pheasants ate earlier, but with little information on the internet I just spread some general cheap grains, corn, etc on the ground in addition to that on the birdtable. On the 27th, we had a deluge. Cheep, cheep.

Not pheasants, but regular partridge visitors. There were at least 13, which I think are all in this shot.

Although, since I could only look out of one window at a time, there may have been more. (Having looked out just now, there are 14 this morning.)

Information on the internet about feeding pheasants was basically a) don't - someone will shoot them; and b) feed them the same commercial feed as your chickens. The latter, at least in the US, don't show the ingredients - they are processed foods. Since neither were helpful, I'll just have to keep trying.

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

I was in the dining room and heard a really great Polish singer on TV, so I quickly went to watch. He was singing with a powerful rock voice, full of expression and emotion - the best Polish performance I can remember. It was Chance for Success (Szansa na sukces), a karaoke contest programme with the original singers commenting on each performance. It is routine for contestants to outclass the originals, but this was exceptional. Sadly, it turns out that Poland's greatest pop music singer is an Italian, called Thomas Grotto. Still, I now know that Polish lyrics can be sung well - I had wondered whether the pronunciation itself made this impossible. When it comes down to it, though, it's just slightly better than the bog standard Polish, Middle of the Road, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep stuff. Although I like the idea that everyone aged from 5 to 105 likes the same music, it doesn't make for excitement or originality. Babcia didn't like Grotto, which is recommendation of a sort.

I don't like You Tube's quality and this clip doesn't give a good impression of the sound on the TV show. However, the singing starts after about 2;30 minutes, if you want to miss the run-up garbage. Thomas's own website, in Polish, is

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