Thursday, 17 November 2011

The First Hard Frost

Today was the first hard frost, sugar-coating the land.

From 2011 11

It wasn't that much colder than recent frosts, but the dip of around two degrees to -4C made a spectacular difference.

Still, it was cold enough not to want to delay my delivery home of Babcia's bread rolls, even though there was a particularly spectacular view of the trees along the road in Walendów. They were snowy white, quite unlike the autumn colours of a couple of weeks ago.

Although it's glory rapidly faded, the frost in places lasted through the morning. The birds in the garden seemed undismayed, feeding as usual.

A couple of weeks ago, Lidl had a garden bird selection of products, including the first ever in Poland, that I have seen, wild bird food. The peanut holder came from there a couple of years ago. This time I picked up a gravity feeder, which has also proved popular. I put it in a more open (and less easily photographed) area of the garden to see if it would attract different birds. Nothing new so far, although the greenfinches like it more than the birdtable and they don't use the peanut feeder at all.

The gravity feeder primarily had unshelled sunflower seeds, which I have used to refill it, but combining it with shelled sunflower seeds. These are respectively 8zl and 7zl a kilo loose from Tesco. (Having shelled seeds cheaper than unshelled seems particularly weird.) They get through a kilo in a few days, however. The best I can do for peanuts is the unsalted human variety. They get through the 450 gram packet in a few days at the moment, mainly because of the flocking sparrows, but everyone just loves watching them. (Stopping and starting in the film can be eliminated, or at least reduced, by pausing the film and letting it load before playing.)

The music is Psalm, recorded live in Vienna by a group of three Polish accordionists called Motion Trio. I downloaded a number of tracks from, but they seem to have been deleted.

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