Friday, 14 October 2011

Teacher's Day

For a household with a teacher, schoolgirl and her chauffeur, Teacher's Day is a special day. As describes it (in my English):

Teachers’ Day, officially called National Education Day, is celebrated on October 14 in Poland. The schools organise formal assemblies to honour the teachers.
National Education Day was introduced 28 years ago. It is the anniversary of the creation of the Commission of National Education in 1773 by King Stanisław August Poniatowski.

Teachers are given awards by their Directors and students give them flowers and gifts.

Today is special because, despite the above, school children don't go to school, which means that I didn't have the twice daily shuttle. Friday just happens to be the day in the week when everyone leaves late, though, so I didn't get an extra lie-in. That there isn't any education on National Education Day is the most important thing for the kids, but in some mysterious communal way, they did give flowers yesterday. Orchids seem to be very much in fashion at the moment.

I still had an important role to play, however. I produced a plateful of fancily arranged delicacies for the teaching staff's social networking get-together. 'Important', 'fancily' and 'delicacies' rather over egg the value of boiled eggs with garlic sauce wrapped in smoked salmon and ham (plus lettuce and tomato decoration), but at least I did do something to thank our award winning, family teaching member and her colleagues.

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