Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Eating Ecstasy

What is the emotion, 'ecstasy'?

A dictionary definition includes "Intense joy or delight; a state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control".

A pictorial definition is:

From 2011 05

It isn't my practice to spy on people, but very occasionally the sight is so compelling that I just have to take pictures. I asked for and received permission to publish them.

He was eating spaghetti, but couldn't say what went into the sauce: he just adds a random mixture of Italian herbs. However, his suggestion for a quick delicious pasta is simply to add tuna. His favourite is Prince's in sunflower oil, which he thinks is only sold in Tesco - he gave us a can to try. (For some reason I can't understand, this was immediately checked to see if it had passed it's sell by date when I brought it indoors.)

I don't like tuna, although I keep trying it when others have it at home, to see if I can adjust to the taste. My own recommendation for a quick pasta is to add pesto sauce. I normally buy this from Lidl, but can't show a picture: we've run out. Nobody told me and I wonder if it will be mentioned when I next go shopping. I always ask before I go and we have a notebook in which we write things we need, but I still frequently get asked "did I buy" or even "why didn't I buy" things that no one has told me we want. (Window cleaner and sanitary towels this week.)

I commented before on Polish eating methods that were new to me. The pictures above serve to illustrate the second eating style described in that post, but watching someone enjoying their food so much is so delightful that I can't imagine delicate mannered English people taking offence. In any case, I'm thought to be strange when I eat spaghetti. I prefer to use a knife and fork, which is easy and ensures I don't get specks of sauce over me, but which seems to be very questionable behaviour.


TEFL SecretAgent said...

did he notice at all you were taking the pictures? If not, you have some serious skill and should go to work for UOP or something!

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