Friday, 22 October 2010

Warsaw's Rural Agglomeration

The Warsaw Agglomeration was defined in 2004 in the Masovian Voivodeship's Spatial Plan. The area seems only to be used administratively by the Vovoideship police, but is the basis for Voivodeship (ie regional) level co-ordination of the various independent local authorities in areas such as air pollution.

From 2010 10

Młochów is included in the area as part of the Pruszków (Pru-shkoov) local authority area and is one of many where the terms 'agglomeration', 'conurbation' or 'metropolitan area' seem quite out of place. The picture below is part of what appears to be a theoretical lower level (gmina) local authority road.

This comes to an end amidst the fields, but the local authority property continues through the trees on the left half of the picture below, with another track starting at the other end.

Polish Wikipedia's entry on the Warsaw agglomeration gives various alternative definitions, but almost all include Młochów. The Masovian definition is probably most concentrated on the main urban areas, but even so, the Agglomeration has 10% of its population in rural areas, whilst this rises to 32% if Warsaw City itself is excluded. Given the low population density of rural areas, the proportion of rural land must be much higher. It therefore seems fair to say that the Agglomeration is quite rural.

Woods and forests included.

The pictures were taken walking down the road beside Młochów school earlier in October: I was looking for autumn colour. I've pretty much given up on that now, though. The country was still quite pretty anyway.

Speaking of pretty, this morning's sunrise was one I just had to snap. Spectacular morning colour is so common in and around Warsaw that I already have loads of such pictures. I don't know whether it's my London background that keeps me fascinated by them or whether it is something more primeval. They are beautiful, though.

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