Tuesday, 12 October 2010

(In)glorious Autumn

I was thinking about doing a post about the lack of autumn colour, but found that Polish M' Knobs' Autumn Fall post got there first. However, he compares Poland to the USA and Canada, whilst I was just thinking of last year in Młochów.

The leaves were just starting to change colour here this year.

From 2010 10

However, four or five days of high winds stripped off many of the leaves. I keep looking out for something spectacular, but there is little. Last year, however was very different.

From 2009 10 Mlochow Autumn

Mind you, the season was also very different last year. This is what it looked like on the 14th October 2009 - it was snowing.

Whilst today's, 12th October sunny weather is forecast to continue for another week. The sun has the frost vaporising off the garden chair in the picture below.

There's still more time, though. These pictures were taken on the 19th Octover last year.

For more pictures from last year see picasaweb.google.co.uk/PanSteeva/200910MlochowAutumn#.

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