Saturday, 25 April 2009

Photos: Park and Nursery School

Having written the notes last time, I went out to get some more pictures.

The nursery school is in Spring Street, so I went to get some pictures of it. The photo of the back view came out best:

More pictures at 2009 04 Nursery School

Walking further down the road, there is a traditional wooden house:

From 2009 04 Nursery School

Although most new houses are standard brick, etc construction, there are two modern wooden houses a little further to compare with the old. Here's one:

From 2009 04 Nursery School

Wandering along further I come across a back entrance (or temporary work entrance perhaps) to the Palace Park. When I went round the park before I was very impressed with the bridge between two of the ponds, which looked very ancient with old brick, no side guards, but a young couple sitting with their feet over the side. The renovation makes it look very different:

More pictures at 2009 04 Mlochow Palace and Park renovation

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