Saturday, 18 April 2009

The dark side of life

Nadarzyn News gives a regular list of the local police and fire brigade activities in the month. All I have seen for Młochów before was a haystack on fire, but in March there was some crime reported, as follows:

03/02/2009 The Fire brigade went to look at fire at a firm in Chestnut Alley. No fire-fighting activity required.

20/01/09, about 7.25am the police arrested two men, citizens of Georgia, suspected of stealing a laptop worth approx 2,000 zloty from a firm in Młochów during the night of 15-16/01/09. At about 9.30, the police arrested four men suspected of stealing laptops jointly worth approx 11,125zl on 12/12/2008 from a firm in Młochów.

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