Monday, 11 April 2011

Bop Around the Mop

It was a dull, depressing day when it occurred to me that I hadn't looked at the music downloads at Wirtualna Polska's MP3 download site for ages. I headed for the electronic dance music section, since this kind of music is fun to bop around the house to when doing washing and polishing the floors - even the hoovering for that matter.

The first I came across was Beattraax (Beat Tracks, if you hadn't noticed). He is a producer, composer and DJ from Opole and this is one of his many downloadable tracks: DRiFT (Side B Drunk Remix).

He appears to be very active on the club scene. See also his website (in English) for downloads. This is a video from the WP site.

I simply downloaded a few year's worth and then deleted those (the majority, but there are lots and lots) that I didn't like. I was still left with 16 tracks that I can twitch to. This is a collaboration with another DJ, e-Bonit, with French Kiss, DJ Zizi Remix.

A different version on video:

e-Bonit also has a WP site, with plenty to download. I must admit that I found many of his recordings rather plodding, but there were some I kept. There's a link to his website, but his hoster is off line at the moment. When/If it comes back, you will see how tiny some Polish clubs are - a small party atmosphere. This is his extended mix of B-QLL's 'Go Baby Go' - Polish rapping with an English catch line.

You can spend months going through the WP site, but this time I only added DJ Walus (he who is not the walrus) - I don't even know if his name is pronounced Valus, rhyming with 'loose' or maybe 'phallus'. Not that it matters, as he is now called Lambretto. His 'Dance With Me, My Baby' is next.

I am hoping that all this is legal, as the tracks are freely available. See also DJ Vitek's site, which says something along the lines of: The site makes available music of lower sound quality for the purpose of popularising the authors and to encourage users to purchase the original source CD containing the music of the performers, in accordance with the law on copyright of 1 August 2000. On the promotion of most Polish performers, we have agreement or links to the WP site. If links in any way infringe copyright, they will be immediately removed on receipt of a reliable application. Whilst I am not sure that I fit in with the letter of this description, I am pretty sure that I come more within the spirit of it than his many downloads.


Tefl Secretagent said...

This post literally ROCKS!
Firstly I had no idea abou WP download site so thanks for that and scondly I can confirm all of these tracks sound good when played through my old school sound system!

You should do a thing were you recommend one new Polish artist every week? You have the taste for it!

Tefl Secretagent said...

French kiss kicks ass!