Sunday, 5 September 2010

Great Pictures of Warsaw

See AngloPolish Blog Warsaw Pictures for some really good pictures of Warsaw.


Michael Dembinski said...
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Michael Dembinski said...

Shame the quality of the English on doesn't match the quality of the photographs...

It's just sloppy.

"Marriott" has two rs and two ts - you can SEE that in the photo!

The proper noun "Europe" begins with a capital letter in Polish as well as in English!

"One of the building" What are they going on about?

Pan Steeva said...

You can annoy me Michael, congratulations.

Many blogs by English people have appalling English. This guy is enthusiastic to give us interesting information about Poland and often does so. I think it is appallingly arrogant for us to expect a Pole to be more diligent in his use of a second language than we collectively are ourselves.