Monday, 22 June 2009

Młochów written history

The weather has been wet and windy, so I have not been able to get out much to take photographs. However, I have been able to take time to get together a summary of Młochów's history from the internet. I was offered more unpublished information yesterday when I was making final corrections, but rather than wait further, I am putting everything as it stands so far on a downloadable file. I will wait to produce a summary, however.

The file is at It is a large file with many pictures, maps, etc, so you may wish to copy it to your computer before you open it.

The description of the history of the village focuses largely on the palace and its owners, but I have put it in the context of the local town and the national politics that may have affected the people who lived here. It is very much targeted at those of us who have little or no idea of Polish history and tries to give a a glimpse of some of this.

I have not yet decided how to make the names more readable and will try to do this when I update the text. If anyone (TurkeyHunter?) has anything to add to the history, please let me know.

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