Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Młochów - Moving House

We have been moving house since June, but it is only now that I am starting to think of it as home and a place to relax in.

This is a photo of the house taken at the end of May. The developers had finished the building (near enough) and the target date for finishing everything including roads, fences, etc was the end of July. The sales rep (a very nice young lady) had hoped for the end of May when we had first spoken to her, but delays are, I thought, quite normal. The internal fitters/decorators were working . I was visiting most days and excitement was high.

At the end of May, this was the view of the dining room and its view outside taken from the living room:
Młochów (pronounced Mwo-hoov) might reasonably be described as a rural suburban village. It is about 10 miles to the south-west of Warsaw. From Google Earth the map co-ordinates of Osiedla Belina, as the developers call the estate, are Lat: 52° 3'42.72"N; Long: 20°47'13.11"E. At the time of writing this, however, there aren't any buildings on the satellite picture. The village itself is about a mile south of us with fields lying in between. The next - not very good - picture shows the Belina Estate looking back along the small road behind our house. The estate is planned to grow up to the ploughed area of land, world economic crises, etc permitting .

Whilst this was the view towards the village from about the same spot. The field in front had corn in it, which was harvested a week ago.

Spring was well under way, the birds were enjoying the sunshine and the hares were running - if you can see the pheasant (picture taken from our bedroom window) and the hare (picture taken a couple of hundred yards from the house):

Come July we had signed a contract with an end of the month completion date, with compensation if this overshot. The end of the month was approaching and we were still being assured of speedy completion, although a lot remained to be done on the site generally although the roads were being done, as can be seen from the following picture taken from the our bathroom after some heavy rain.

We signed the final contract as soon as everything was completed. That was in September. It was only after signing the contract that we could get an electricity supply that was strong enough to make the microwave work or the backup battery for the computer charge. It only went off a couple of times a day for a short time only whilst they were working on the cables. Absolute luxury. Gas for heating, hot water and cooking arrived in November. We had two people inb a row leading the internal work, neither with great. As time passes, I may be able to appreciate the work. Some day, perhaps...

All this will fade... I am taking pictures again. I was waiting for spring and the garden to start growing. However, winter has arrived with its own charms. Misty mornings, a couple of days of snow, followed by sunshine - all in the last week or so. All the following pictures are from the house, with the sunrise being different views from the dining room and the living room.

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