Thursday, 24 May 2007

Kompas English Polish Translator and Dictionary

Kompas's website is in Polish ( , but “Tłumacz i słownik języka angielskiego”'s installer and interface can both be in English. It is less well distributed than Techland's “English Translator”, but is normally available in Empik stores. Electronic translation is never perfect, but comparing the two in the past, they were pretty much the same with different advantages and shortcomings. However, the Kompas product sells at half the price. I have not tried the new versions 4 (Kompas) and XT (Techland), but I'd be surprised if much has changed.

If you are seriously interested in translation, DO NOT BUY Techland's cheap version – they are very limited and only seem to exist to compete with Kompas's price. A cynic would have thought that it was primarily introduced to confuse customers into thinking that low price means low quality (ie do not buy Kompas, but buy Techland). Personally, I had bought Techland's translator (after Kompas) because I thought high price might mean high quality, but found I was wrong.

There is also a third competitor (“Transatlanica”, I think.) I tried it once, but found nothing special that inspired me to try to get used to a new programme.

PS Kompas's programme works fine on Vista.

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